Hello, I'm Christian

Software Developer

Christian Garrovillo

What I do

Frontend Design + Development

Unlike how most people think of front-end development, I understand that there is more that goes on into developing interfaces. Interfaces that enables human-computer interactions to happen seamlessly and like diving more into the psychology of how a user might interact with the software.

Backend Development

A user interface is nothing with a strong backend! With my experience in Java and frameworks like Spring boot, I hope to build useful APIs that have a strong infrastructure for attractive user-interfaces to build upon while also expanding my skillset to advance my experience outside Java.

My Work

whoami (get it?)

Graduate Software Developer based in YYC

Hey! I am Christian Garrovillo. I am a 20 year old Software Developer from Calgary, originating from Philippines. My passion for technology has been around since my childhood, from being the family's "designated tech support" in holidays to now pursuing a career in a line of work I'll always be interested about.

I will be graduating from my Software Development program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology soon, and am currently looking for positions where I can contribute my skillsets most-effectively while also expanding my skillset as a graduate software developer.

My Work

(so far)

Take a look at some of my past projects here: